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GST is a “Great Step by Team India,” a “Great Step Towards Transformation,” and a “Great Step Towards Transparency.” GST, we intend to bring uniformity in taxation Consumer would be supreme in the new dispensation. Our aim is “Economic and Educational empowerment of the poor". GST can help us achieve it. The consensus over GST proves that Rashtraneeti is above Rajneeti (national issues are above politics) in India. 'Lok Tantra' is not just a game of mandate, it is also a journey of forming consensus. GST is a major step towards freeing the nation from tax terrorism. It is not a victory of a particular political party or government, it is a win for the democratic ethos of India and for everyone. Judicious use of man, money, machine, material and minutes (time) are an important principle of sound economic policy, and GST would aid in achieving this goal. GST will help put an end to 'kacha bill' and 'pakka bill' system in our country. GST Bill will act as catalyst to strengthen the trust between Centre and States. Most of the things that can impact consumer inflation have been kept out of the ambit of GST. GST is akin to joining the pearls in a necklace which gives a great strength to the concept of 'Ek Bharat'. We are making our taxation system more stable, predictable and transparent. We have already resolved many taxation issues affecting the foreign investors. The idea is to make it more conducive for business and bring in technology and capital. The implementation of GST from July 1st, is the culmination of the concerted efforts of all stakeholders, including political parties, trade and industry bodies. GST is a turning point for the economy, unprecedented in history. The creation of One Nation; One Market; One Tax would benefit the common man immensely. Maximum attention should be paid to ensure cyber-security in IT systems associated with the GST network. GST is among one of the most historic reforms India has undertaken till date and it is going to be implemented from July 1
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