SYNOPSIS Indian Panorama (Feature Film)


Feature Film


In Course of Time

Bengali/94 minutes/35 mm/Colour


A nurse, Nandita lives in a suburban locality with her mother and sister. They seem trapped within a space. The memory of a turbulent occurrence six years ago, and the death of her father, haunts them. Sarit, Nanditaís boyfriend, walks into this dark scenario only to announce that he is leaving town as he has been transferred to the Andaman Islands. Mother reminds Nandita that her father had died on the day. Nandita says she knows but she does not want remember the day. She holds herself responsible for her fatherís death.

Nandita leaves for the city hospital. She works in the emergency ward. The patient on bed number 10 the patient is bomb blast victim, a criminal under police protection. Nandita and her colleague, Seema, discuss the case. A little later, Seema leaves for another ward and Nandita is left alone. She sees the bomb blast victim and memories come rushing back. The monotonous sound of a goods train grows louder. She feels sick.

In the stillness of the night, Nandita dislodges the oxygen mask from the patientís face. He starts gasping. A smile flashes on Nanditaís face. Just them a doctor on duty walks in. Nandita quietly replaces the mask. The patient stops gasping. The blood that the patient needs begins to run out. The hospital does not have the required blood group nor do the blood banks. The patient needs blood to survive. Nandita, who has the same blood group, decides to save the criminal and donate blood. The criminal survives for the time being.

On the way out of the hospital, Nandita is alone in the lift. She thinks aloud: "I want the patient to regain consciousness and realize that my blood has saved him. He will then understand how I will punish him and take revenge." Nanditaís monologue continues: "One night, six years ago, I was returning home from night duty. At a railway level crossing, Biltu, the criminal, and his gang surrounded me and my voice was drowned out by the deafening clatter of the goods train."

In the afternoon, as Nandita paces up and down in her room, a young boy in the ward watches Biltu in bed number 10. As the criminal regains consciousness, the boy narrates how he was saved by a bottle of blood donated by the nurse. A teardrop rolls down Biltuís cheek as he stares blankly. That is the state that Nandita finds the patient in when she returns to work that night. The senior doctor declares the criminal dead because of a heavy shock sometime in the afternoon.

Nandita thinks Biltu may have recognized her and would have felt the weight of guilt. Nandita is relieved of her burden. She thinks: "I was about to commit a crime to avenge a crime." Months pass by and Nandita finds her rhythm again. Life goes on.


Producer: Debjani Gupta

Director: Subhadro Chowdhury

Story: Dulendra Bhowmick

Screenplay: Shekhar Das

Camera: Amlan Datta

Editor: Saurav Sarangi

Art: Tanmay Chakrabarty

Music: Chiradeep Dasgupta

Sound: Partha Barman

Cast: Debashree Roy, Barun Chandra, Alakananda Roy, Rajatabh Dutta.

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