Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

Launch Date: 8th April 2015.


To provide financial support for growth (development and refinancing) of micro enterprises sector.


Easy, loans without guarantee under three categories – Shishu, Kishore and Tarun by the banks.  Loan of up to Rs. 50000 is given under sub-scheme ‘Shishu’ between Rs. 50,000 to 5.0 Lakhs under sub-scheme ‘Kishore’ and between 5.0 Lakhs to 10.0 Lakhs under sub-scheme ‘Tarun’.

·         Number of PMMY loans sanctioned in 2017-18: 4535109

·         Loans disbursed in 2017-18; Rs. 220596.05 crore

·         Loans disbursed in 2016-17: Rs. 175312.13 crore

·         Loans disbursed in 2015-16: Rs.132954.73 crore 

·         Budget allocation for 2018-19 raised to Rs. 3lakh crore, a hike of 20% over the previous year which was Rs.2.44 lakh crores against Rs. 1.22 lakh crores in 2016-17