Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Launch Date: 28.7.2014


Banking the Unbanked

A national mission to bring comprehensive financial inclusion of all the households to ensure access of all households to financial services.


         60% bank accounts opened in rural areas (As on 25.4.2018)

         31.52 crore Jan Dhan accounts opened (As on 25.4.2018)

         Total balance in Jan Dhan accounts = Rs. 80871.67 crores (As on 25.4.2018)

         Over 23.71 Crore Rupay Cards issued (As on 25.4.2018)

         Share of zero-balance Jan Dhan accounts dropped to 24% in December 2016 from 73% in December 2014.

         Over 1.26 lakh bank-mitras appointed by banks

         2.5 lakh Gram-Dak-Sewaks will function as banking correspondents